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Success for Devon in two major Inter-County Competitions

By David Butterworth Devon County Indoor Bowls Association

Thursday, 20 January 2022


Devon County Indoor Bowls Association Contributor


Double delight for Devon

Team Manager Kevin Phillips writes:-

Devon are through to the next round of both the Liberty Trophy and O60`s Inter-County with wins against Somerset & Hampshire.

Liberty Trophy (at Isca 15/1/22): Devon 131 Somerset 81

Rink scores:-

M Powell; L Phillips; S Eveleigh; J Hampton v A Colebroke 15 – 19

O Lucas; G Bellamy; M Bass; I Bond v M Hamilton 23 – 15

P Hackett; N Thomas; K Phillips; R Whitlock v J Amery 18 – 8

R Condon; R Honeywell; S Evans; S Tolchard v G Shadwell 26 – 8

P Stone; D Tuckett; S Broom; I Lesley v P Bryant 35 – 15

J Heard; M Perrott; K Kniveton; L Ridout v D McGovern 14 – 16

Next opponents are Wiltshire

O60`s Inter-County (at Dorchester 18/1/22): Devon134 Hampshire 102

Rink scores:- A Chapman; J Knox; R Honeywell; S Evans v R Bines 23 – 13

G Bellamy; R Avent; D Singleton; M Avent v B Starks 18 – 28

P Stone; J Young; M Powell; K Phillips v S Whitehead 32 – 9

K Litchfield; A Demuth; R Penfold; G Lawrence v B Barber 27 – 16

I Foster; D Vinnicombe; G Coffield; A Bowden v G Robinson 14 – 23

J Berry; B Gilpin; D Mallett; P Downs v C Thresher 20 - 13

Next opponents are Essex

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